Friday, March 28, 2014

A tribute to 12 amazing months

So my little Zara Rose, some how you managed to be one already? (Well, to be precise, it was a few weeks back so forgive Mummy her tardiness in writing this - it's been a big month!)

And because I don't have enough words to express just how much having you in our world means to me, I am instead sharing some of my most treasured pictures of you over the past 12 months.  Further proof of how you have blossomed from the most precious bundle of newborn love into a cute, cheeky little lady.

Little Lady ZaZa, thank you for bringing such joy into our lives and expanding our hearts with even more all encompassing love (oh, and sleeping through the night so early on - no really, MY ETERNAL THANKS for that!). Your Mummy, Daddy and big brother Harry (not to mention your entire family) could not possibly adore you any more - you are, and will always be, a shining light of love in our lives.

Onwards to the next 12 months baby girl - let the games begin!

All my love,

Your Mummy xxx

Friday, February 14, 2014

11 months old - and into so much mischief

Excuse me baby girl, but can we rewind to the days where you sat so nicely still and played happily in the one spot?

Why, you may well ask, would I want your movement limited? Let me enlighten you!

Since you discovered the magic of movement, my goodness, didn't you also unearth the enticement of mischief? Stairs attract you like a magnet, as do things like TV cabinets, doors, lounges and basically anything you can pull yourself up on or play with when you aren't supposed to. According to that little brain that is beginning to blossom into toddler-dom, the whole world is a brand new playground that must be thoroughly explored.

It's not that I want to curb your desire to discover, and I do want to nurture your curious nature, but please, can we put the brakes on your limitless sense of adventure a little? You know no concept of fear, and that makes this Mummy more than a little afraid for both your safety and my sanity!

You're become quite the little speed machine on all fours too, especially considering you've only been crawling "properly" since the start of month 10. Wile. E. Coyote has nothing on you Missy (both in terms of mischief AND your speedy skill!)

We did have one scary incident that took 10 years off my life. A nasty tumble from your highchair onto the tile floor below left us both in tears (and me in fear that you surely must have broken something but THANK GOD you did not). Sadly I think with your nature there will be many more scares to come. Better keep up my shadowing your every move so I can be there to intercept your every fall!

Soon we will come to that magical milestone where we mark the all important 1st birthday. So far so good my baby girl, and I am sure the best is yet to come!

Love you always and forever,

Mummy x