Friday, March 2, 2012

Fat Free TV and what it means to me

We all do it.

(Well, at least those of us willing to admit it).

The good ol’ electronic babysitter, Nanny Samsung if you will, who has been often charged with the task of keeping a child amused in name of (a) necessity as you try to work or get household chores done about three times as fast as when you have a child hanging off one leg as you vacuum or (b) for a little slice of heaven sent peace after a chaotic day.

Lord knows I fall into both camps often.

It wasn’t until I was invited to attend the Cancer Council’s launch of the awesome new initiative “Fat Free TV” that it dawned on me that while I monitor the subject matter of the television show my child is being exposed to, the ads were something completely overlooked by me. 
Imagine my surprise then to see that so many children's programs are in the midst of an epidemic of unhealthy advertising plaguing our TV screens!

And don’t get me started about the irony that abounds between the tenuous relationship between sport and advertising (the number one culprit, for example, is Saturday AFL).  Its scary to think that our nation of sports adoring children, who, if they ate everything that they saw on the ads during this broadcast, would consume 7 times more fat and 4 times more sugar than the daily recommended intake!  And who seriously believes that elite sportsmen, such as the Australian Cricket team, really eat a triple bacon burger and a side of fries from KFC, as the ads would make you believe?
“Fat Free TV” then can become a great tool for savvy parents who might be concerned about this subject. All you need to do is log onto this extremely user friendly website ( and see how your child’s selection of favourite shows rates.

And I should add, I’m not telling you what to watch or not watch, only that we probably could be a bit more mindful. Use the fatfreetv website for yourself to see, leave a message of support or follow the links to express your opinions a little more loudly.  Who knows, it may even save you a temper tantrum in the chocolate aisle of the supermarket and I for one am all in favour of that!