Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Birth of the Woolworths Baby and Toddler Club

(LtoR: Catriona Rowntree, me, Maria from Mums Word
Fiona from My Mummy Daze and Kim McCosker from 
4 Ingredients) - photo courtesy of dec PR
Sitting amongst a divine array of mouth-watering High Tea delicacies that dotted the tables at the Sir Stamford Hotel in Sydney, and a stone’s throw away from the iconic Opera House, another symbol Australia’s heritage, "Woolworths The Fresh Food People" were preparing for a very special delivery to take place - parenthood.

Like any other expectant parents-to-be, Woolies of course wanted to mark the occasion. What better way than to throw a baby shower to launch their newly established online community The Baby and Toddler Club? (

Gathering together contributors (including such food icons as Kim McCosker, the wildly successful author behind the 4 Ingredients franchise), journalists, clients, and bloggers, Woolworths and their dedicated PR team wanted to unveil their parent related project with pizazz. And who better to do this than well-known mother of two Catriona Rowntree?

After entertaining us with her own trials of motherhood (and thank goodness even celebrities have babies who prefer their parent’s bed to their own!) the launch soon officially commenced and I have to say, I was suitably impressed.

photo courtesy of dec PR
While I am sure many may be thinking world wide web is already suffering from an over-abundance of child related websites, you do see a difference on the Woolworths Baby and Toddler Club.

The distinction is that this site truly is a one stop shop for parents. With one click you land in an environment that can not only offer advice on how to manage (and hopefully alleviate) your infant’s teething issues, your toddler's tantrums and even assist your struggles with conception, but you also have at your fingertips access to over 120 recipes (which will be continually refreshed on a monthly basis).  That is certain to translate into tickling the taste buds of even the most fussy child, as well as cater to the time poor.

They also have on hand an impressive array of experts to ease those never ending fears we face as parents.  These include notables such as Dr. Ginni Mansberg (also a respected journalist, and most importantly - a mother); Mark Livingstone (Deputy Medical Director, Genea, formerly Sydney IVF), Emma Sutherland (of Eat Yourself Sexy fame) and of course the inspirational Kim McCosker from 4 Ingredients who wants to ease your cooking woes.

However, what I like most (being the budget conscious consumer that I am) is that there are also tangible rewards on offer. Members enjoy access to exclusive savings, and thanks to fact we reside in a digital age which captures your relevant information, you only receive offers that are tailored to your needs, not merely a one size fits all approach.

As Catriona acknowledged, “Woolworths Baby and Toddler Club is more than a website – I like to think of it as an online mothers’ group, but for dads too! It offers Australian mums and dads a hugely supportive online environment and community which celebrates parenthood – the biggest everyday reward of all”.

We can never have too much support as we negotiate this wild ride that is motherhood. Woolworths understands this. See for yourself, log on to their Baby and Toddler Club by clicking here and become a member (especially easy to do if you have an existing Everyday Rewards card!). I have a feeling I’m going to be glad I did just that.

Although an invited guest at the launch of the Woolworths Baby and Toddler Club I was in no way obligated to write this post. All opinions are purely my own.


My Mummy Daze said...

Love that photo of us all! Although I'm kicking myself that I didn't think about the fact attending a high tea would require more appropriate clothing! Ah well! Great post Donna. Loved having the chance to chat! Fi xx

Nicole said...

You look love-ly!

And what an awesome experience xx