Friday, March 16, 2012

Announcing my sponsor for the Digital Parents Conference

As many are no doubt aware, in just 2 short weeks it will finally be time for the much anticipated Digital Parents Conference, being held in Melbourne on March 30.

Packed with panel sessions, keynote speakers and trade expos, the Digital Parents Conference represents an unparalleled opportunity for both bloggers and businesses to enjoy networking opportunities like never before!

And along with the large gathering of personal, parent and lifestyle bloggers who will have congregated to listen and learn, I can excitedly announce that thanks to the iconic Australian brand that frequents many a breakfast table, Kellogg's, I will be attending!

Besides supporting the local blogosphere, Kellogg's are also doing great things for both the community and country as a whole. Did you know all of their range of cereals are produced using Australia grown grains? Or that they have established a "Breakfast Buddies" programs to help spread the word about the importance of breakfast for our children as they learn and grow, donating cereals to eligible organisations (such as before school centres, outback and indigenous communities etc that apply online here)

I must also offer my sincere thanks to Kristyn from The Mummy K for making this possible. Without she and Kellogg's kindness and generosity I'd have been unable to attend.

And know that every time from here in that I’m trawling the supermarket shelves in search of a suitable cereal, I’ll be grabbing a box with the big ol Red K on it!


Kelly Exeter said...

Awesome Donna!! And well done to you Kelloggs ;)

Diminishing Lucy said...

Wonderful news! You know my love for Kelloggs runs deep!

MummyK said...

Have fun D!!