Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Teenage Dreams

Hands up who can recall their first real super star teenage crush; the one who can lay claim to being the one who gave them butterflies every time they saw them on screen? (I’ll give you a minute to fantasise, shall I?) 

Right, now you are done reminiscing, why not now do this? Google them and see if the years have been kind… (again, I’ll be right here waiting for you when you are done…)

I ask as last year I came face to TV screen with the one who holds the emotional mantle for being the first unrequited start struck love of mine.

And I felt nothing.

It was a text from my father – in-law who alerted me to the fact my childhood idol would be gracing the screens of the Monday Night Footy Post Game show. (yes, you read right for those who didn’t know younger me – I was obsessed with my rugby league). And while I am sure the husband was less than impressed with his Dad’s divulgement of this knowledge, I waited with baited breath, well past my normal bedtime, to see him once more.

After an infatuation that had spanned 20 years it was almost a tad disappointing to see that the spark of teenage dreams had been extinguished. Sure, when they played old footage of his in his footy heyday, with the trademark curly crop of unruly hair, my heart pounded a little. But every time they showed him in the now all I could think was “Huh? This is HE who I sobbed for DAYS into my pillow when I first heard he was getting married, refused to speak to anyone, and unceremoniously removed the shrine of pictures that had long adorned my bedroom wall”. (I was 14. I was both irrational and hormonal all at once)

Needless to say all the recollections came rushing back, but this time I was almost slightly amused by it all.  Which no doubt came as a huge relief to The Husband, who, after learning in the lead up to us relocating away from Sydney that this ex League player was now a Fireman, based at the station 500 metres from my front door, couldn't get us packed up quick enough..  

I'm guessing he was a tad worried I might take up arson...

Turns out, it wouldn’t matter a pinch anyway; after seeing him on TV again; I’d have barely recognised him!

So, dear husband, who has always harboured some animosity towards this teenage dream crush of mine, you can rest easy now with that one.  Now you just have to hope Marky Mark a.k.a Mark Walhberg suffers a similar aging fate... Eventually.... 
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I'd love to know who was your childhood crush? 
And have they aged as well as Marky "8 pack" Mark??


Madam Bipolar said...

Mine was Michael J Fox. Bless.

Anonymous said...

I never had a huge childhood crush (I am weird I know!). There was no one that stood in the limelight long enough for me to develop a huge crush!

(Although I don't mind a bit of Brax from Home & Away lately!).

On a different note, Mr completely crushes on Marky Mark! (He also thinks he looks like him, lol).

Melinda said...

Oops - I didn't mean to comment as anon!

Tara @ Our Whirlwind Adventures said...

Mine was Zac Hanson.
When my sister told me she was in love with a Jonas Brother, I commented how their fate would be 'Hanson-esque' and no-one would hear from them again once they all cut their hair.
She asked me who Hanson was.