Sunday, January 15, 2012

It’s time to play the music; it’s time to light the lights...

I was in my happy place last night; surrounded by some people I love very much.

There was of course, my sweet (patient) lovely husband, holding my hand as I took this trip down memory lane (and no doubt trying to keep my potentially embarrassing hysteria in check!)  You see, I was off to catch up with a gaggle of of some of oldest and dearest childhood companions that I hadn’t spent enough time with in about 12 years.

And I couldn't have been MORE EXCITED!!!

There was Kermie and Fozzie; Scooter and Rowlf, goofy Gonzo and his faithful squeeze Camilla (who was looking a bit hen pecked after all these years), Dr Teeth and his rag-tag band of misfits… And what’s a party without the always vivacious (and on the occasion vicious!) Miss Piggy?

Oh yes, the whole gang was reunited and it felt so good!

To me The Muppets WERE my childhood. So to spend 2 hours last night immersed once more in the contentment and hilarity that combines to create a Muppet Movie extravaganza, might well be the highlight of my year (big call, I know…)

I can’t even pinpoint the moment in time that my furry friend infatuation began. All I know is that it has just always been there… We had all the videos (including the Muppet Babies cartoon!) which I’m sure if we ever tried to play again would have worn out from overuse. Happiness was an hour in the company of Kermit & Co - it shines out as the brightest beacon of childhood joy I can recall.

And even as a grown woman, I still bubble over with unbridled enthusiasm whenever I see them on the screen. Take for instance this recent scenario:

“Quick Mummy, come see; it’s your friend on TV” came the excited shout from the 3 year old. I raced into the room, wondering just who among my buddies he was referring to…

“It’s the frog!” he announced. And sure enough, there he was. My old pal, my Rainbow Connection creating childhood hero, Kermie…

So thanks Jason Segel, for reigniting the Muppet flame. The fact that you never strayed from the premise of not taking yourselves too seriously complimented the Muppet Movies of yesteryear perfectly.

There was the sublime (Emily Blunt’s cameo reprising her Devil Wears Prada character) to the ridiculous (further proof that this is one franchise who likes nothing more than to laugh even at itself - gotta love the concept of “travelling by map”!) and everything in between. The catchy sing-along songs, directed by Bret McKenzie, of Flight of the Conchords fame (and if you are a fan, as I am, you will recognise his heavy influence) inject extra enthusiasm and amusement. But there are also a few lessons too.  That sometimes we forget that by having faith in everyone else in the whole world sometimes means you forget to believe in yourself. But when you, you come to see a whole other side of yourself you previously never knew.

The characters still come to life, still crawl into that familiar vacant spot on your heart where you cherish your childhood memories, and still leave you wanting more as the credits roll.

“Everything is great, we’ll live happily ever after,
And well keep giving the world the greatest gift: laughter”

Life is indeed a "happy song" when you have the Muppets back again in the world to shine on!


alliecat said...

Ooh, great review! I was a big Muppets fan as a kid to and am looking forward to taking my girls this week, hoping to ignite the Muppets fan in them too. It helps that Kermie (it's not Kermit, but Kermie to his friends dontcha know?!) is on Sesame Street!

MaidInAustralia said...

I think this is one kids' movie I won't mind taking the kids to!

astrogirl529 said...

I enjoyed most of it, but If I hear the "Me Party" song again it will be too soon. I don't know why but I really dislike that bit.

Vicky said...

i can't wait to see it. whether I take the kids with me or not is another matter. I'm going!