Monday, November 21, 2011

One is the loneliest number..

With the husband away on a holiday work trip last week, Master H decided that he'd like to help make up for this leave of absence by morphing into my silhouette, shadowing my every move.

When I was immersed in that blurry first year of parenting I remember reading all about the dreaded separation anxiety stage, where you baby suddenly begins to understand you are not one entity and that the two of you can actually co exist (even if it is much to their howling disgust).

But not once did I ever read about this notion rearing its ugly head when you child is 3… My son however, is proof it can – because every time I dared leave his line of eyesight it was met with tears and tantrums of disapproval that I’m sure the Husband heard from Melbourne.

Perhaps my Preschooler is just lonely; I’ll grant him that. He does enjoy playing with other children and is usually counted on to be quite sociable. But shouldn't children also enjoy a sense of solitude? Or is that just me?

Of course, his requirements for my exclusive attentions occurred at the exact same that I was trying to squeeze in a bit of extra work from home, meaning I needed to concentrate. We had some brief success when I told him to amuse himself while I worked; that was until I realised it was too quiet.  Upon investigation I found a maze of green garden string unravelled throughout the house. (And I am still looking for voluteers to re-ravel it, if there are any takers...)

Careful what you wish for, right?

Even trying to perform even the most mundane tasks, like attempting to tidy my messier than a war zone house was suddenly impossible. He literally had to be peeled off my leg while I tried to push the broom to sweep. And don’t get me started on how many times I started to write a blog, only to be stopped every sentence by an insistent little person who demanded my undivided attention be directed solely at him. 100% of the time. Without break. Yes, even when going to the toilet (and heck I thought those days were long gone…)

Even at nighttime, his desire for company still lingers “But Mummy you will make me so happy if you lay here with me for one little minute” he’ll beg sleepily. It tugs at my heart, it truly does. But when your every move the last 36 hours has been with him super glued to your side, you crave, you DESERVE one minute of peace. Hell, I even locked myself in the bathroom at one stage for 5 minutes just to remind myself to bbrreeaathe… 

So yes, the obvious issue is that the little man is just lonely.  And in lieu of having a brother or sister to play with that mantle has been handed to me.  Which would be fine, if I didn't have a million other commitments to get done during the day.

And before anyone glibly responds with the simple solution that we give him a sibling, I'll remind you that is easier said than done. 

Now is the time to speak (or forever hold your peace) and impart words of wisdom that will see my son happily ensconced in his own company once more... 


bigwords is... said...

My eldest who is nearly five goes through periods when she just wants to sit by me ALL THE TIME and she often jumps into our bed at night. It can get really tiring particularly when you want some time out. kids always switch things up - always x

Fox in the City said...

Oh man, that is hard! I have two and they both still go through phases like this. I get it, they miss me, they want to be with me but I really, really want to pee on my own!

Hopefully he will unattach himself once your hubby returns . . . or before then. xx

Sara @ Tis the life said...

I can only imagine the horror of this. I'm truly scared of that 8month development phase when Worm will figure out that we are 2 people.
I hope you get a chance to relax soon.

MummyK said...

I'll cross the bridge if I ever get there. I can't really tell right now yet though. But I understand where you are coming from :)

Maria Tedeschi (Mum's Word) said...

My youngest is 2 and really early in the morning (like 5am)he climbs into my bed and sleeps on my pillow with me. On one hand it's wonderful but on the other, I don't get sleep.

Now knowing that he will grow out of that phase (the other 3 did) I try and suck in every moment. But man I miss my sleep.

Love & stuff
Mrs M

MamaJ said...

My almost 4 year old son is still like this with me, even though he has a little sister to keep him amused! I love it when he tells me 100 times a day "you are my best friend, Mummy" but it can get intense at times. Likewise when he wants to sit on my knee for hours on end! Hoping he'll grow out of it, although I'm sure I'll miss it when he does. I will be reminding him of all this when he is a moody teenager who wants nothing to do with me...

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