Thursday, March 3, 2011

Breaking Dawn (NappyDaze style!)

There’s a new dawn breaking over the NappyDaze horizon - alas no, it is not one that involves a sexy vampire or well built Wolf Man, but it does carry the common theme of a love of all things literary! 

So I ask forgiveness I take this little leave of absence from my beloved blog and channel my passion for prose into an online writing course.  Taught out of the incredibly successful Sydney Writers Centre, I hope in a mere few weeks, to be armed with an arsenal of information which might just begin to make some of my publishing dreams a possibility, instead of a pipe dream.

It’s a scary adventure to embark on – putting myself out there at the mercy of fate.  Failure might well beckon, and there is the fear of exposure, being one who wears her heart on her sleeve…

I’m sure I could have picked a less hectic time to embark on this sojourn of self discovery – and hopefully - success.  4 trips to Sydney in as many weekends, followed closely by long weekends in Port Stephens, Elllerston & Coffs Harbour.  Then there the Blogging Conference and the fact I put my hand up to work at this year’s election… Plus we’re in the midst of toilet training… Over achiever or just plain over extended – time will tell….

And oh, did I mention I still have to do my paid job, as well as the unpaid wife/mother/maid/chef role? 

BUT, it is the year of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and I’m delusional if I think I’m EVER going to unearth some lovely silken bolts of endless free time… Jam packed diary be damned, I must strike while the iron is hot!  (which reminds me, might get to the bottom of that Everest pile before Easter if I’m lucky…). 

Lucky for you dear readers, I’ll pop back intermittently to the NappyDaze realm, as I do have a couple of posts still draft stage.  Time permitting, I’ll put some polish on them, which will hopefully be enough to whet the appetite of my blog-reading friends (and ensure you don’t all abandon me!)


Rose said...

Hi Donna,

Wow you're so busy! We're impressed you're even doing the course, and delighted that you're enjoying it. Fear of failure is the biggest enemy of writers, so just keep going!


Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

Good on you! Most of us say 'when... is finished/over/completed' and you know what? It never is, something else always takes its place and there is never time for something just for you.


Catch the Kids said...

I did a course at the Sydney Writers Centre. My, they are tough. But I learnt a lot. Hope life settles down for you soon.

therhythmmethod said...

Hi Donna, I am doing the course with you. Thought I'd pop by and say hello. I blog at:
I'm having a year of being comfortable with the uncomfortable too: finding the course informative, but very much in the deep end. Lots of juggling going on, but as you say, is there ever a right time for this kind of thing? :)