Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 - the Webeck year that was!

2010 certainly has been the best of times, the worst of times.  Whilst we have been blessed with riches in many forms, we’ve also endured heartache.  However its quite something when you can say you have ticked off two ultimate bucket list goals in the same year – thanks Dragons and Oprah – so truly, I can reflect back and be very grateful for the year that was!

Here is a brief rundown of how our busiest year yet panned out

·         Our “seachange” officially started on the Central Coast – and while we have accumulated about 900hours travelling on public transport to work this year, so far the sea air is agreeing with us!  Still straddling our old life in Sydney too, hence the obscene amount of hours clocked up en route to work…
·         Harrison started at a new school, and took to it straight away. The girls have all been great and he has loved every minute of it. Nothing quite like having to drag your child kicking and screaming from day-care to give the impression he has a happy home life.
·         February saw the celebration of 40 fabulous years of marriage of the lovely in-laws and gave the Webeck clan a reason to get together and drink champagne and celebrate in Newy!
·         We survived a long, tough 4 months when the Husband ran the show at Australian Golf Digest. We couldn’t have got through this without the regular visits from Grandma, Grandpa, Nanny and Poppy who helped keep Harrison amused and me sane while the Husband was away from home so much!
·         Sadness struck in May 2010 when my brave, beautiful Nan passed away.  A woman who started a dynasty that lead to 46 people being born to this world is something truly special and she is still very much missed today.
·         July was when the year really kicked into a blurry kaleidescope of busy-ness.  After organising Cat’s Hens Weekend, and backing up a month later to be bridesmaid at the most stunning and lavish wedding imaginable (if only I could employ the hair and make up team to live with me everyday… I barely recognised myself!) we morphed into 2nd birthday celebrations mode with parties with the family in Coffs Harbour and a visit from H’s godparents when we were back home
·         September will long be remembered as the month Oprah Winfrey announced “WE ARE GOING TO AUSTRALIA!!!”  prompting me to put my powers of positive thinking and writing skills to the task of making sure I was a part of it.  Winfrey Watch was born! 
·         After a 31 year drought, The Mighty Dragons took out an NRL Premiership, with myself, the husband and my die hard Saints fan father all in attendance.  Dad & I screamed, cheered, even danced in delight as we smashed those no good pretty boy Roosters.  And made the idiot seated next to us thankfully shut up!
·         October and November pass in a blur. It starts with a work trip to Orange followed by four great days in Dubbo with the entire Webeck clan; 4 days in Coffs Harbour for Harrison & Mummy while Daddy “worked” at the Masters in Melbourne, culminating in a 3 day trip to Bowral 2 weeks later.  I think we only slept in our own bed two weeks out of about 5!
·         The world was robbed of another beautiful woman with the passing of my best friend’s Mum, in Nov 2010.  As I try and grapple with how to be a good friend in the face of such grief, it gives me due cause to look at my own blessings and be grateful I still have so many loved ones with me today.
·         A special mention to the clever Husband who was the big winner during Australian Open week, taking out the Australian Golf Writers Championships as well as an award for a story he wrote about golf in New Zealand.  If only it were a cash prize, but still, he is happy with the prestige it brings!
·         Dec 14, 2010 “O-Stralia” Day – one of the all-time most revered moments in my life when I attended a much yearned for Oprah Show screening – seeing my idol up close too (she drove past on our way in and waved from no more than 20 feet away) is something that will live with me forever, along with the AHA moments that are now tucked safely away in my heart
·         And finally, we closed off the hectic year that was by hosting our first ever Christmas.  Despite Harrison and I being down for the count with a nasty tummy bugs mere days before hand (one way to drop unwanted kilo’s before Christmas, let me tell you), I’m assured the day was a success.  By that I mean no one ended up with food poisoning – in any case if they did I’d have just blamed the tummy bug! 
·         Special thanks to my Mum for coming to the rescue helping me finish my mammoth “to-do list” before Christmas and the Stewarts for always welcoming us with open arms the MANY times we needed a base in Sydney during 2010!!

·         Finally, to the lovely Husband and son, how utterly grateful I am to share a world with you both.... What a team we make!   Heartfelt thanks too, for helping realise a much yearned for aspiration and arranging for NappyDaze to be put into print – you never fail to make all my dreams come true!

So who knows what delicious treats are in store for us as 2011 dawns?  I’ll have a new niece or nephew to play with (hang in there Lise, not long now!), and hopefully be putting myself on a long overdue path to unpeel my long dormant dreams.  Whatever it is you plan to you with your year, I wish you much health & happiness, laughter & love, smiles & success in your quest!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Healing & Hope

 I wish I had the words to help heal my beautiful friend’s broken heart… But how do you find the right thing to say when someone you love has just had to bury their beloved mother, a woman who was her sun, stars, moon and sky?

This amazing woman, Maureen Thorn, also meant the world to me, and I too am still in the throes of shock that the world has been robbed of such a kindred, caring soul. Yes, she may have been the mother of my high school best bud, but, as invariably happens as you mature, the parents of your most cherished friends also morph from imposing figures of authority, into firm friends in their own right. Though to be fair Mrs Thorn was never of the unapproachable, intimidating variety – she always welcomed us with open arms and an open mind, and took time out to know us all individually, not just as a rag tag bunch of high school misfits.

She was, in my eyes, “the cool mum”, and the one whose mother/daughter relationship I envied. I developed such an affection for her, and revelled in her warm and nurturing attentions whenever we would meet up over the years. Such was her compassionate spirit that she went to the trouble to send me a heartfelt farewell card as I embarked on my overseas adventure in 2002, something friends my own age wouldn’t have even thought to do… But that just highlighted her sweet disposition perfectly – thinking of others was as natural to her as breathing is to you and me.

When a tragedy strikes at your soul, it makes you stand back and study the blessings you still have. In that light, the fact that my parents, and my husbands parents are still with us, is something I am utterly grateful for. Indeed, having come so perilously close to losing my Dad in early 2002 (thank you again, angels, who HAD to have been looking over him that day), I almost feel guilt for such blessings in the face of my dear friend’s loss. All I can do is hold tight to those people around me that I cherish and not be left stung with unspoken regret.

Time is a great healer, I am told. Just how vast this quantity is required to be before you can resume a semblance of normalcy to your life, I could not know. I can’t offer the platitudes that I know how she is feeling – the truth of it is I cannot come even an inch close to comprehending the terrible pain she is swathed in. Yes, I have suffered the agony of losing loved ones, but burying a beloved parent beats anything I can claim to understand… Daughters need their mothers, whether they are 13 or 32…

If I could do anything to ease her angst, I would in a heartbeat, as I hate feeling so helpless when someone I adore is hurting. I am not sure how I can help, or if the right words of wisdom in the face of such sorrow will ever come to me. I only know that I will forever offer my shoulders for her to stand upon, in the hopes I can once more raise her spirits high.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shit Happens!

It would appear this week that I am being reminded of the very act that inspired and spawned my entry into the mummy blogging stratosphere. Because, bloody hell, my son is a serious, serial shitting machine and I am about to have to mortgage our house if we have to continue buying nappies at this meteoric rate!

I’m changing six or seven of the well-soiled variety in any 12-hour period. Can all that crap coming out of one small child be considered normal?

And can someone please explain his peculiar penchant to poo with every trip to his playroom? Am I to ban him from its interior, so that I can save some cash on all these barely wet nappies?

I used to think this should be some sort of impetus to start our toilet training – to save the copious amounts of money we’re literally sending down the drain – but now it’s got me to thinking I’ll never be able to leave the house without knowing whether there is a loo in the local vicinity. Such is his “regularity” we’ll be aficionados of every public toilet in the Central Coast area!

I’ve heard of some mums who claim their child is a once a day pooper only (two of his cousins are case in point) and I think what a breeze that must be! Because the act of nappy changing is not an art form that my son is fond of. Indeed, the only way to encourage him to get the deed done immediately is to engage in a ritual which sees me pretend to change the nappies of his Eye-ore, his dummy, a couple of dinosaurs – and earlier this week even his surfboard and golf bag were granted a go! Oh yes, the things you do to convince a stubborn child he really shouldn’t be sitting in his own shit for such long periods of time (which trust me, I am certain he’d happily do!)

At least he hasn’t taken to accidentally eating it, like the poo pandemonium incident of July 2009 – so I can be grateful for small blessings. And whilst I am utterly impervious to poo and have no problem changing copious nappies, its more the bewilderment that one teeny, far from full grown person can missile his way through a 44 pack of nappies in approximately one week…

So what’s the motto to this crap-tastrophe? I think Forrest Gump summed it up best when he coined the catch phrase “shit happens”!!