Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Pursuit of Nappy-ness

If you are anything like me, your head will be spinning at the thought of another year drawing to a close. I mean, aren’t we still just settling in to 2010? How on earth could it have happened that 2011 is lurking in the neighbourhood, like an uninvited houseguest?

It was the clever, creative folk at Nuffnang who brought this scary statistic to my otherwise distracted attention, when they asked their loyal community of bloggers to reflect on the year that was in cyber space real estate, and regale them with your pick of your posts for 2010. And should they deem mine supremely worthy, by default I become the lucky owner of an iPad (I’d properly prefer an iMaid but not sure they have come out on the market as yet…). Nonetheless, seeing as though there is no chance Santa will be slipping down our skinny chimney bearing such luxury fruits with my name attached to the gift tag, I thought I might as well throw my hat into the well-written ring for a chance to win.

The good news is that is has given me time to reflect on the NappyDaze year that we have enjoyed – in between changing copious nappies and the general roller coaster pursuits of everyday life! The bad news is it’s a little akin to asking a parent to chose a favourite child.

There is a piece of my heart lovingly sewn into the words of my every entry so the selection process was a little daunting. I felt I loved them all equally and was so proud to have even found the time (and inclination!) to put pen to paper (yes, that’s how I start each one, before transferring to the age of technology and my laptop). Should it be my Centenary celebrations blog, where I revelled in my success of managing to post 100 entries? Or my first “breakout” piece when I began to find my voice (and ergo, my opinion) to muse on other matters of motherhood that did not just revolve around my son? I can thank the gormless Gisele Bundchen for giving me the great irritating motivation to let my writers voice finally be freed from its shackles!

But upon true reflection I have decided the piece that has meant the most has got to be the pondering of the $64million dollar question of what is the best time to go forth and procreate after you have seen child number one safely into the world? Mind the Gap explores this phenomenon, and ultimately, discovers there is no magic timeframe trick to this quest. The feedback received was so heart-warming – seems many mothers would also like to unearth the holy grail of age gaps as well!

So then, a final plea to the kind hearted crew at Nuffnang – I’m aware I am up against stiff competition as there are some superbly brilliant bloggers in your vast online creative community. However, as someone who barely has the time to write, but feels so alive when she does, recognition to forge onwards and upwards with this blog would be but a tonic to an ailing soul.

And to my faithful followers, thank you for buying a ticket to ride on this eternal pursuit of "nappyness"!  Long may our journey (towards potty training, if nothing else) prosper! 


Claire Keipert said...

Gosh Donna I don't know how you chose! All great blogs I went back and read over quite a few. I am always impressed by the quality, cleverness, quirky and at times laugh out loud blogs. You are a true writer I hope you get that ipad. (let me know when they make an imaid;) )

Bronnie and family said...

Ooh, good luck, hope you get an ipad. I can't even work out how to sign up for nuffnang! D'oh!